CN-RGA (Royal Air Maroc) ferried to AMS for maintenance

May 19, 2019

CN-RGA (Royal Air Maroc) ferried to Amsterdam from Casablanca for maintenance.
This aircraft was retirement from the fleet on September 15, 2018. The source from official media of Royal Air Maroc.

Royal Air Maroc operated for last scheduled flight of 747-400 | Queen Of The Skies

But strange things that CN-RGA did maintenance at AMS after retirement from their fleet on October 2018.
After retirement, it was flew back to Casablanca and I guess it was stored in Casablanca.

CN-RGA (Royal Air Maroc) backed to Casablanca after maintenace | Queen Of The Skies

Afeter 7 months, CN-RGA was flying from Casablanca to Amsterdam for maintenance and call sign was FRV1214.
I still don’t know what will happen to CN-RGA. But good things that she’s still active for flying.

Aircraft Information

CN-RGA – Boeing 747-428 – Royal Air Maroc / Delivered on October 4, 1993