PH-BFU (KLM) retirement after arrival from Mexico City on KL686

April 11, 2019

PH-BFU (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) retirement from the fleet after arrival from Mexico City on KL686.
This aircraft was delivered on September 8, 1997 and flew about 22 years.

On November 2018, PH-BFU was going for D-Check maintenance in CGK and I guessed that PH-BFU will continue fly more 1 or 2 years.
Actually previous retirement schedule was November 2018. That’s why I thought PH-BFU will keep flying for KLM.

After retirement PH-BFU, KLM has 10 of passenger 747-400s.

Aircraft Information

PH-BFU – Boeing 747-406M – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / Delivered on September 8, 1997