TF-AMI (Air Atlanta Icelandic) painted to full colour of Magma

December 30, 2018

TF-AMI (Air Atlanta Icelandic) painted to full color of Magma on December 30, 2018.
Previous livery was all whiter colour since around October 2018. It was operated by Saudia Cargo long days.

This time it ferried from Aquba to Luqa with ABD373P on December 26.
Stayed at Luqa about one week, It was starting operation with new colour on January 2, 2019.

After changed livery, TF-AMI is now flying the same operation of before change the livery.

Aircraft Information

TF-AMI – Boeing 747-412(BDSF) – Air Atlanta Icelandic / Delivered on October 13, 1992 (Singapore Airlines converted to BDSF on October 2006)