Wamos Air (EC-KXN) was flying for Surinam Airways four days

October 16, 2018

Wamos Air (EC-KXN) was flying for Surinam Airways and used for AMS-PBM route.
EC-KXN flew for PY993/994, This flight is regular scheduled flight by A340-300.

This time Surinam Airways has something problem with their A340 and Wamos rescued to
assignment 747-400 on this route.

EC-KXN was operated for Norwegian until first week of October and it was backing to Madrid. In October 12 EC-KXN ferried to Amsterdam and directly assignment for PY993.

This operation was continued for 4 days and EC-KXN backed to Madrid on October 15 by PY303.

Aircraft Information

EC-KXN – Boeing 747-4H6 – Wamos Air / Delivered on December 2014, ex 9M-MPG Malaysia Airlines