VH-OJT retirement from Qantas fleet on September 22

September 22, 2018

One of Qantas 747-400 was retirement from their fleet on September 22nd, 2018.
The aircraft is VH-OJT. This aircraft was delivered to Qantas on October 1999.
Use engines are RR RB211-524G/H-T and she was flying 18 years and 11 month.
It is flying for QF55 Brisbane to Los Angles, After arrived in LAX It might be ferry flight to storage airport (Like VCV, MHV)

Qantas planned to all of 747-400 aircraft retirement until end of 2020.
This plan is include with six of 747-400ER and they are only products of 747-400ER from Boeing.

After VH-OJT retirement, They have 3 of 747-400 (one is GE type, two are RR type) and 6 of 747-400ER.
Recently they are entering to domestic route by 747-400 between the Sydney and Perth.

Aircraft Information

VH-OJT – Boeing 747-438 – Qantas / Delivered on October 26, 1999