Royal Air Maroc operated for last scheduled flight of 747-400

September 15, 2018

Royal Air Maroc was announced last scheduled flight for 747-400.
They have only one 747-400 (CN-RGA) for their fleet and it flew on fleet about 25 years.

The last scheduled flight was between the Casablanca and Montreal on AT208/209.
Every summer they entered 747-400 on this route and This season was final year for 747-400 operations.

They decided to introduce for some of Dreamliner (787-8 and 787-9)
Next summer, They are planning to enter 787s on this route that’s why the 747-400 has not scheduled flight from 2019.

Sometimes RAM entered to 747-400 for French route (Almost Paris) on spring.
I didn’t know any information about futures of CN-RGA.

Actually CN-RGA was maintenance at Beijing on last winter, It was her final D-Check.
I guess it will fly for Hajj charter in 2019. Because they don’t have to lease for A330, A340 if they can enter 747-400 for Hajj flights.

Aircarft Infromation

CN-RGA – Boeing 747-428 – Royal Air Maroc / Delivered on October 4, 1993