B-2422 painted for SF Airlines livery moved from Jade Cargo International

August 24, 2018

In Guangzhou, One of 747-400F painted to SF Airlines full color livery. This aircraft registered B-2422 ex Jade Cargo.

SF Airlines bought two of 747-400F on November 2017 from Internet auction. These are operated by Jade Cargo International until 2011. But Jade Cargo International ceased operations in 2011. These aircraft stored since then.

B-2422 ferried to Guangzhou from Shanghai on July 12, 2018. And painted to SF Airlines livery at GAMCO’s hanger. They will probably start operations with 747-400F soon.

Aircraft Information

B-2422 – Boeing 747-4EVF(ER) – SF Airlines / Delivered not yet moved from Jade Cargo International (B-2422)