Air Hong Kong (B-HKX) did test flight around Hong Kong after maintenance

August 8, 2018

Air Hong Kong Boeing 747-412(BCF) was test flying at south of Hong Kong after D-Check(probably) at HAECO on August 8, 2018.

B-HKX was operated by Air Hong Kong (ex Cathay Pacific Cargo) after July 2017. But This time B-HKX used Cathay Pacific call sign It’s called CX6663. B-HKX was taking off from HKG on 0910L and flew at south of Hong Kong area for 3 hours. After test flight B-HKX backed to HKG on 1219L.

The livery is still all white and back again to HAECO hanger on August 9, 2018.

Aircraft Infromation

B-HKX – Boeing 747-412(BCF) – Air Hong Kong / Moved from Cathay Pacific Cargo on July 2017