EP-MNB (Mahan Airlines) returned to service after 10 years storage

September 4, 2019

Mahan Airlines 747-400 (EP-MNB) was returned to the service after about 10 years storage in IKA.

EP-MNB was stored at storage place in IKA since the aircraft stopped operations in 2010.
After almost 10 years storage, The aircraft got the Mahan livery at maintenance.
Finally EP-MNB was doing test flight on August 27, 2019 flew around Tehran.

On September 4, 2019 EP-MNB was started operations in domestic route based in THR.
The first commercial flight after storage was flying between the THR and MHD.

Aircraft Information

EP-MNB – Boeing 747-422 – Mahan Airlines / Delivered on February 2009, ex N172UA United Airlines