4X-ELF (El Al) ferried to MZJ return to lessor

July 24, 2019

4X-ELF (El Al Cargo) was ferried to Marana on July 24, 2019.
This aircraft was used for freighter on El Al fleet.

The last commercial flight was on July 14, 2019 flew from Liege to Tel Aviv on LY872.
After 10 days, it was ferried to Marana (MZJ) for return to lessor.

El Al was introduced 4X-ELF on May 2010 previous operator was Singapore Airlines Cargo (9V-SFA).]
El Al was announced that all of 747-400s are retirement until end of October 2019.

Aircraft Information

4X-ELF – Boeing 747-412F – El Al Cargo / Transferred from Singapore Airlines (9V-SFA) on May 10, 2010