PH-BFB (KLM) flew the last flight on KL602

November 26, 2018

PH-BFB (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) flew the her last commercial flight on Novemver 26, 2018.
This last flight was KL602 LAX to AMS scheduled arrival time in AMS was 0905.

PH-BFB is the oldest 747-400 aircraft at the moment. She’s flying almost 30 years since June 1989.
PH-BFB was flying about 134,540 hours during her very long histories.
And PH-BFB is the full passenger type 747-400, This type is not much aircraft in their fleet because they prefer to use the combi type.(747-400M)

Fortunately, PH-BFB will be survive because the Corendon bought this aircraft and they are planning to preserve at Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam from next year. The hotel location is very close to the Schiphol Airport.

PH-BFB will be preserved at Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam | Queen Of The Skies

We will can see PH-BFB at Amsterdam. And it will be the legend of 747-400.

Aircraft Information

PH-BFB – Boeing 747-406 – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / Delivered on June 20, 1989