B-2422 (SF Airlines) started operations on October 30

October 30, 2018

SF Airlines started to use their first 747-400ERF (B-2422) on October 30, 2018.
They entered to the route between Shenzhen and Hangzhou by O36888 and O36889 for daily flight.

In November 2017, SF Airlines bought two of 747-400ERF on Internet Auction by Jade Cargo International.
And August 2018, The aircraft B-2422 painted to SF Airlines livery at Guangzhou.

Finally they started to operations for their first 747 aircraft.
But other one is not still delivered to SF Airlines yet.

Aircraft Infromation

B-2422 – Boeing 747-4EVF(ER) – SF Airlines / Delivered not yet moved from Jade Cargo International (B-2422)