ER-BAE painted to full color with flynas at CGK

October 12, 2018

Terra Avia (ER-BAE) painted to full color for flynas at CGK confirmed on October 12, 2018.
This aircraft used by flynas for Hajj charter flight and painted with hybrid livery with Virgin Atlantic Airwasy. ER-BAE was registered previous G-VROC delivered in October 2003 for Virgin Atlantic.

In April 2016, Virgin Atlantic Airways retirement G-VROS from the fleet and stored at Pinal Airpark until July 2017. Moldova company called Terra avia bought this aircraft and registered ER-BAE. They leased to flynas for their Hajj flight in 2017 and 2018.

After Hajj flight on 2018, ER-BAE was moved to CGK airport. This time ER-BAE painted for full color with flynas.

I think it might be flying for regular flight with flynas.
flynas based at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, They have 28 A320 series in summer of 2018.

Aircraft Information

ER-BAE – Boeing 747-41R – Flynas (Leased by Terra Avia) / Delivered on July 2018, ex G-VROC Virgin Atlantic Airways