VH-OJT ferried to Mojave for storage

September 25, 2018

VH-OJT (Qantas) was ferried to Mojave for storage or scrap on September 25, 2018.
This aircraft was retirement from the fleet when it flew on QF55 Brisbane to Los Angles.

After arrived at LAX. It was moving to painting facility and deleted their company logos.

At the moment Qantas has 9 of 747-400 three aircraft are nomal type of 747-400 (RR×2, GE×1) and other 6 aircraft are Extra Range type 747-400ER.

Qantas plans to all of 747-400 retirement until end of 2020.

Aircraft Information

VH-OJT – Boeing 747-438 – Qantas / Delivered on October 26, 1999