Air China 747-400 visited to Singapore for Trump-Kim Summit

June 13, 2018

Air China Boeing 747-4J6 did special charter flight for Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore on June 9, 2018.
B-2447 flew for this special flight may chartered by North Korea and carried Kim Jong-un.

B-2447 was position flight from Beijing to Pyongyang by CA121 (Normally It’s commercial flight) prepare for this flight.

The callsign was CA61 flight from Pyongyang to Singapore.
B-2447 was returned to Beijing by CA61 in the evening.

After summit, B-2447 flew from Beijing by CA62 and moved to Pyongyang by CA62 on June 12 midnight.
When this flight, B-2445 was also coming to Singapore. I guess it was spare aircraft for B-2447.
B-2445 was direct flying back to Beijing by CA63.