United Airlines 747-400 did special flight for SF Fleet Week

October 8, 2017

United Airlines assigned 747-400 for San Francisco Fleet Week between the Oct 6 to Oct 8.

The first day, United Airlines was assignment for N119UA on this special demo flight.
Second day and Third day was flying by N121UA with 747 Friend Ship logo.

The flight was departed from San Francisco International Airport then moved to west of San Francisco bay and waiting for schedule time.

The 747-400 did high speed low pass over the Golden Gate Bridge and going to east.
When the aircraft did low passing in front of San Francisco bay area, The aircraft was right baking.

It was about 15 minutes demo flight on SF Fleet Week for 3 days.
And UA 747-400 finished to join SF Fleet Week due to retirement from their fleet.

United Airlines 747-400 did her final flight SFO to HNL on November 7th, 2017.