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About Thai Airways International Boeing 747-400

Universal Fleet for Airline

Thai Airways International is flag carrier of Thailand based in Bnagkok. They have 8 747-400s now.

They had some of classic 747s in 1980s also they had so many old aircraft (like a DC-10, DC-9, A300). But they were getting older and Thai Airways decided to order for new large aircraft. So They ordered 2 747-400 on June 16, 1987. Finally they had order for 18 747-400 until November 2002. All of aircraft are using GE engines.

Thai Airways 747-400 assigned to many routes with short distance routes and long haul flights. 747-400 is the most universal aircraft for Thai Airways and 747-400 made growing up for Thai Airways.

But Thai Airways is planning to retiment for all of 747-400s until 2023. Actually they didn’t decide what aircraft is replacing for 747-400. They have to consider decide new aircraft orders. One of the best aircraft for Thai Airways will be finished soon.

Thai Airways International 747-400 History

June 16, 1987. Thai Airways International ordered 2 747-400. Final order was in November 25, 2002. Thai Airways introduced total 18 747-400 until November 4, 2003.

In 2012, Two of 747-400 converted to freighter by Boeing Converted Freighter program. HS-TGH and HS-TGJ converted to freighter and renamed for 747-4D7(BCF).

Here is timetable about Thai Airways International 747-400 history.

16/06/1987 First ordered for 747-400(-400×2)
21/02/1990 First Thai Airways 747-400 delivered (HS-TGH)
04/11/2003 Final Thai Airways 747-400 delivered (HS-TGG) and TG completed to introduce 747-400
xx/03/2012 HS-TGJ converted to freighter by Boeing Converted Freighter
15/03/2002 Final Lufthansa 747-400 delivered (D-ABTL)
31/03/2013 The first retirement aircraft from 747-400 (HS-TGK)

Current operations

Thai Airways International has 8 747-400s now.

All of active aircraft are normal type of 747-400. They assigned to many routes all around the world but almost long haul flights especially European routes already quite replaced from 777-300ER and A380, A350-900. But Thai Airways still used for Munich and Sydney flights by 747-400. All of aircraft are based in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

In summer schedule of 2019, Thai Airways has 6 routes operated by 747-400. Here is all of routes list of Thai Airways International 747-400.

  • Bangkok – Tokyo(Haneda) TG660/661
  • Bangkok – Tokyo(Haneda) TG682/683
  • Bangkok – Delhi TG315/316
  • Bangkok – Mumbai TG317/318
  • Bangkok – Denpasar TG431/432
  • Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur TG415/416
  • Bangkok – Seoul TG688/689
  • Bangkok – Sydney TG475/476
  • Bangkok – Phuket TG201/202, TG203/204

Past time Thai Airways 747-400 assigned for almost European routes. Also 747-400 was main aircraft of high demand routes until start of 2010s. Sometimes Thai Airways assigned to irregular routes due to another aircraft maintenance.

Current aircraft

There is 8 747-400 in July 2019. Aircraft delivered before 1996 already retirement but HS-TGO delivered on 1993 is still active and it is the oldest 747-400 for Thai Airways.

Two of freighters (HS-TGH and HS-TGJ) already retirement from Thai Airwaya Cargo both time in 2015.

There are two types configuration for 747-400. Thai Airways called 74R and 74N for these aircraft. Here is list of which configuration is including.

74R (747-400×4) – HS-TGO, HS-TGP, HS-TGW, HS-TGX
74N (747-400×4) – HS-TGZ, HS-TGA, HS-TGB, HS-TGG

Boeing 747-400

Registration Aircraft Type LN MSN Engines Config Delivery S/C Aircraft Name Remarks
HS-TGO 747-4D7 1001 26609 GE CF6-80C2B1F F10C40Y325 20/10/1993 Bow onrangsi
HS-TGP 747-4D7 1047 26610 GE CF6-80C2B1F F10C40Y325 22/11/1994 Thepprasit
HS-TGW 747-4D7 1111 27724 GE CF6-80C2B1F F10C40Y325 28/04/1997 Star Alliance Visuthakasatriya
HS-TGX 747-4D7 1134 27725 GE CF6-80C2B1F F10C40Y325 12/11/1997 Sirisobhakya
HS-TGZ 747-4D7 1214 28706 GE CF6-80C2B1F F9C40Y325 11/05/1999 Phimara
HS-TGA 747-4D7 1273 32369 GE CF6-80C2B1F F9C40Y325 11/05/2001 Srisuriyothai
HS-TGB 747-4D7 1278 32370 GE CF6-80C2B1F F9C40Y325 27/06/2001 Si Satchanalai
HS-TGG 747-4D7 1337 33771 GE CF6-80C2B1F F9C40Y325 04/11/2003 Patoomaw adi