G-BNLN (British Airways) retirement from the fleet and stored at DGX

June 24, 2019

One of 747-400 from British Airways (G-BNLN) retirement from the fleet on June 24, 2019.
This aircraft delivered on July 1990 and it flew almost 29 years.

June 20, She was flying last flight from Cape Town to London by BA58.
4 days later, She moved to MOD St Athan located in west of the Cardiff airport.
Almost retirement aircraft from British Airways 747-400 stored and scrapped at there.

After G-BNLN retirement, British Airways has 33 of 747-400.
They are planning to all of 747-400 retirement until end of 2024 and the half of aircraft will be retirement until 2020.

Aircraft Information

G-BNLN – Boeing 747-436 – British Airways / Delivered on July 27, 1990