HS-TGP (Thai Airways) did test flight around Rayong

March 3, 2019

HS-TGP (Thai Airways International) did test flight around Rayong U-Tapao Airport on March 3, 2019.

HS-TGP stored at U-Tapao Airport since March 26, 2018.
After 1 year, They did maintenance at U-Tapao Airport and will fly again soon.

HS-TGP did test flight from U-Tapao and flew about 4 hours.
Before landing, The aircraft did one touch and go training and two of go-around.

The aircraft has 74R (It’s old cabin type) and they will re-enter to the operation may soon.

Aircraft Information

HS-TGP – Boeing 747-4D7 – Thai Airways International / Delivered on November 1994