PH-BFB (KLM) flew back to Amsterdam after painted to Corendon livery

December 14, 2018

PH-BFB (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) flew back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on December 14, 2018.
This aircraft painted to Corendon livery at Rome after the aircraft did the last flight on KLM.

The ferry flight was end of November and it painted about 2 weeks at Rome.
The aircraft is now painting Corendon Ailrines livery but this aircraft won’t enter to the commercial flight on Corendon because this aircraft will be preserved at Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam Airport from 2019.

This time PH-BFB was backing to the home. The airport was very welcome for PH-BFB. After landing the aircraft was taxing around the airport. The one of impressed moment was taxing the full runway on RWY09 to RWY27.

PH-BFB will drop off the engines and prepare for display at the Hotel.

Aircraft Information

PH-BFB – Boeing 747-406 – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / Delivered on June 20, 1989