flynas (ER-BAE and ER-BAC) started operations for Hajj with flynas livery

July 11, 2018

flynas started operations for Hajj flights 2018 with their two of 747-400.

ER-BAE and ER-BAC is operating for Hajj flight between the Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.
They are entering flight to Medina and Sharjah to Kuala Lumpur for daily.

The aircraft owner is Terra Avia who is the lease company located in Moldova.
They leased to Flynas for every summer season due to Hajj flights.
Last year they also leased to Flynas for two fo 747-400 but it was painted to small sticker on the side.

This year, ER-BAE and ER-BAC was painted to big logos for aircraft side.
And ER-BAE is wearing red scheme because it was moved from Virgin Atlantic Airways, So it still has their colors.

Normally The Hajj flights will be continue until end of October.
In 2018, Many 747-400s are operating for Hajj flight between the Saudi Arabian and South East Asian countries.

Aircarft Information

ER-BAE – Boeing 747-41R – Flynas (Leased by Terra Avia) / Delivered on July 2018, ex G-VROC Virgin Atlantic Airways
ER-BAC – Boeing 747-4H6 – Flynas (Leased by Teraa Avia) / Delivered on July 2018, ex 9M-AZB Eaglexpress Air