LATAM Chile leased 747-400 from Wamos Air due to 787 engine issue

April 27, 2018

LATAM Chile decided to introduce 747-400 for their fleet leased by Wamos Air.
Boeing 787 has a problem with engines by Rolls Royce. 5 of LATAM Boeing 787-8 (CC-BBE, CC-BBG, CC-BBH, CC-BBE, CC-BBJ) moved out from LATAM fleet and stored somewhere (include Victorville, Santiago)

LATAM Chile introduced 5 aircraft leased from Wamos Air based in Spain.
This time Wamos Air Boeing 747-419 (EC-MDS) is flying to Santiago on April 27 and will be LATAM fleet.
It was painting for special livery what celebrations for their 15th anniversary looks gray and white painting.

They already introduced 5 A330 aircraft leased from Wamos. It will be first time leasing for Boeing 747-400.