Irregular Flights of 747-400 on April 13 (JST)

April 13

  • PLM405P EC-MQK flight from MAD to MIA prepare for repatriation flight
  • OBT01 N744VG test flight from MHV to MHV
  • EB403 EC-MDS continue flying to MNL from BGI via MAD for repatriation flight (Previous info on April 12)
  • LH772 D-ABVM flight from FRA to BKK
  • O37289 B-2423 flight from LGG to CSX
  • PLM402P EC-MRM flight from MNL to MAD after repatriation flight
  • CA46 B-2445 flight from MAD to HGH then moved to PEK unknown details of this flight
  • TK6666 TC-ACR flight from SIN to ISL
  • PO9691 N445MC flight from ALA to LEJ
  • GG4514 N903AR flight from MVD(Montevideo) to MIA
  • PO775 N453PA flight from CVG to NRT diverted to HND
  • PAC775D N453PA ferried from HND to NRT
  • CI6706 B-18716 flight from TPE to NRT diverted to KIX
  • PO247 N451PA flight from CVG to NRT diverted to NGO