About Qantas Boeing 747-400

The longest flight record

Qantas is flag carrier of Australia based in Sydney. They have 10 747-400s now.

Qantas had many classical 747s before they introduced 747-400s. In 1980s they had planned to make new routes with long distance. Qantas decided to order for 747-400 because 747-400 has the most long flight distance when they considered to order.

Qantas thought that the most important things is aircraft has long flight distance. And they wanted to long range type for 747-400. Boeing decided to launch for 747-400ER on November 28, 2000. Then Qantas ordered 6 747-400ER flowing on this time.

Qantas has retirement schedule of 747-400 series but They are planning to retirement for only normal type of 747-400. In 2018, Qantas has 4 747-400 and they will quite from fleet until 2019. 747-400ER is newer aircraft in their fleet and it will operating until when Qantas decide to new flag ship aircraft.

Qantas 747-400 History

March 2, 1987. Qantas ordered 4 747-400. Final order was in December 19, 2000 also this was ordering for 747-400ER. The final orders for normal type of 747-400 was in October 23, 1997. Qantas introduced total 28 747-400 until July 30, 2003. One of 747-400 (VH-OEB) was moved from Asiana Airlines on May 1998. And two of 747-400 (9M-MHN, 9M-MHO) moved from Malaysia Airlines on September 1998 also it was Malaysian configuration when it debuted in Qantas service.

Only one time Qantas leased one of 747-400 from British Airways on November 2000 and it operated until end of March 2003 because Qantas started introduce for 747-400ER after 2002.

Qantas has the longest flight record by 747-400 on August 16, 1989. It was 20 hour and 9 minutes flight from Sydney to London also it is the longest flight distance record (18,001km) at the moment.

Here is timetable about Qantas 747-400 history.

02/03/1987 First ordered for 747-400(-400×3)
11/08/1989 First Qantas 747-400 delivered (VH-OJA)
16/08/1989 VH-OJA recorded the longest flight distance by commercial aircraft (SYD-LHR)
06/09/1989 Qantas 747-400 the first commercial flight on QF28 SYD-MEL by VH-OJA
29/05/1998 Asiana Airlines (HL7416) moved to Qantas (VH-OEB)
22/09/1998 Two of Malaysia Airlines 747-400 (9M-MHN, 9M-MHO) moved to Qantas. Regs are (VH-OEC and VH-OED)
13/11/2000 British Airways (G-BNLH) leased to Qantas (VH-NLH) for 2 and half years
19/12/2000 Qantas ordered 6 747-400ER and will be lunch customer.
31/10/2002 First Qantas 747-400ER delivered (VH-OEF)
08/11/2002 Qantas 747-400ER the first commercial flight on QF11 SYD-LAX by VH-OEF
08/11/2009 VH-OED retirement from Qantas after operated on QF108 arriving from JFK. It ferried to VCV from LAX. First time 747-400 retirement for Qantas

Current operations

Qantas International has 10 747-400s now.

There are two types 747-400 series in Qantas fleet. 4 of 747-400 and 6 of 747-400ER are the same operations and assignment to random destinations. Normally they are assignment to long haul routes. Main routes are North american, Asian, South Afirican. Past time they have some European routes (London, Frankfurt) via Asian cities but all of European routes are abolished until 2013.

Qantas 747-400 based 3 airports in Australia. Sydney has the largest base airport for 747-400. Brisbane and Melbourne have each only one route for North American.

In summer schedule of 2018, Qantas has 9 routes operated by 747-400 series. Here is all of routes list of Qantas 747-400.

  • Sydney – San Francisco
  • Sydney – Santiago
  • Sydney – Johannesburg
  • Sydney – Tokyo(Haneda)
  • Sydney – Hong Kong
  • Sydney – Los Angeles
  • Sydney – Vancouver
  • Brisbane – Los Angeles/New York(JFK)
  • Melbourne – Hong Kong

Current aircraft

There is 10 747-400 in April 2018. Aircraft delivered before 1998 already retirement but VH-OEB moved from Asiana Airlines is still active in 2018. It was delivered on June 1993 and the oldest aircraft for Qantas fleet.

There are two types 747-400. Qantas has 4 normal 747-400s and 6 747-400ER. Almost aircraft have the same configuration both of 747-400 and 747-400ER. But VH-OEB has only aircraft with different configuration also it has 4 classes in the cabin (F14/C52/W32/Y255) include 14 first class. All of another 747-400s have 3 classes (C58/W32/Y270)

All of normal 747-400s will be retirement until end of 2018 or 2019 depending on 787-9 deliveries. VH-OEB is planning to retirement middle of 2018.

Boeing 747-400

Registration Aircraft Type LN MSN Engines Config Delivery S/C Aircraft Name Remarks
VH-OEB 747-48E 983 25778 GE CF6-80C2B1F F14C52W32Y255 24/06/1993 Phillip Island Moved from Asiana Airline in 1998
VH-OJS 747-438 1230 25564 RR RB211-524G/H-T C58W36Y270 30/09/1999 Hamilton Island
VH-OJT 747-438 1233 25565 RR RB211-524G/H-T C58W36Y270 26/10/1999 Fraser Island
VH-OJU 747-438 1239 25566 RR RB211-524G/H-T C58W36Y270 24/01/2000 Lord Howe Island

Boeing 747-400ER

Registration Aircraft Type LN MSN Engines Config Delivery S/C Aircraft Name Remarks
VH-OEE 747-438ER 1308 32909 GE CF6-80C2B5F C58W36Y270 06/12/2002 Nullarbor
VH-OEF 747-438ER 1313 32910 GE CF6-80C2B5F C58W36Y270 31/10/2002 oneworld livery Sydney The first aircraft of 747-400ER
VH-OEG 747-438ER 1320 32911 GE CF6-80C2B5F C58W36Y270 20/12/2002 Parkes
VH-OEH 747-438ER 1321 32912 GE CF6-80C2B5F C58W36Y270 09/02/2003 Hervey Bay
VH-OEI 747-438ER 1330 32913 GE CF6-80C2B5F C58W36Y270 26/06/2003 Ceduna
VH-OEJ 747-438ER 1331 32914 GE CF6-80C2B5F C58W36Y270 30/07/2003 Wunala